One client, Two landscaped gardens in High Wycombe

High Wycombe

Two landscaped gardens in High Wycombe. Their first garden challenge was a steep garden in High Wycombe that needed a raised decking terrace to the rear of their property with a staircase leading to a second platform to their hot tub… This was in 2014… They moved into a new build property in 2017 and with a blank canvas to landscape they called us again.

As usual, Karl promptly arranged a site meeting so he could measure everything and discuss what the client would like their new space to become. Smoked oak Millboard was an easy choice for the client because they still loved it from their last home. They also still loved the hot tub!

Privacy for your hot tub in the garden

The main issue they had for Karl? Privacy. Being a new housing development privacy in the garden is difficult. The garden is overlooked and we needed to create privacy for when it’s hot tub time. Karl offered a few solutions the easiest being let’s add a tall planting scheme. The majority of the garden was destined to become a deck, its what the client wanted. Using plants to create interest and added depth to the garden, hides the shed and offers more privacy. A win win situation that is well within budget.

The property has bifold doors so it made good sense to build the deck up so it is flush inside and out. The garden sloped and so a change in elevation created by angular steps solved this issue. The client assumed it would be a simple flat decking terrace with plating to either side… The importance of getting your garden designed is to realise what can be achieved before any work is done. Pockets in the deck were created, one for the new hot tub and the others for planting.

We had the privilege to go and revisit the garden 3 years later (2020). All of the pictures on this page are the garden after 3 years. Because this is a Millboard deck and Karl is an approved installer this carries a 25-year lifetime warranty. Karl has been installing Millboard since they began 17 years ago.

Landscaped gardens in High Wycombe

Quote from Karl “I love designing and landscaping local gardens especially when they are second time around clients. High Wycombe has some challenging changes in elevation… I love it”

Credits and Further information

Client                            Private

Location                       High Wycombe

Completed                    2017

Design & Installation Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Materials                       Country Supplies

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Karl Harrison designs, builds and delivers high end residential and commercial landscaping projects.

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We absolutely love the space that Karl & his team created for us.

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