Our Process

Initial Consultation

Meet the client, meet the garden

  • Meet the client, meet the garden.
  • Your ideas and our inspiration
  • Discuss wants and needs
  • Consider Creative layout
  • Budgets indications

We’re positive that after meeting us for the first time, you’ll be inspired by our passion; just as we will be with yours. Your garden through our eyes, like an artist in front of their canvas, is bursting with creativity. Whilst the function and form of your garden is important it has to work seamlessly with how you’re going to use it, look at it…smell it, touch it… maintain it…

The decking, patio, kitchen, garden art, lawn are all important parts of the layout. We need to discuss this before we can consider designing your garden. Before we get creative and consider a concept we need to be guided by you about cost.


Presentation includes...

  • Layout plan
  • 3d sketches
  • Mood board
  • Basic budget consideration

Now that we’ve met, you can decide whether you’d like to work with us to realise your new garden. Once you commission us for the first stage of your project we will report back with a comprehensive presentation. Birds eye view layout plan, simple 3D’s to visualize and a mood board displaying our materials pallet. We will also provide a budget breakdown for the individual elements of the build.


Client Brief & Site Analysis

  • Agree budgets and acceptance of the fee proposal
  • Detailed briefing
  • Preparation for design work
  • Comprehensive site analysis
  • Boundaries, soil, levels and existing planting
  • Topographical survey

Now you’ve accepted our fee proposal for all design works it starts to get incredibly exciting. We now know what we are working towards in terms of materials palette and overall cost of the build. This allows us to complete the comprehensive briefing and to prepare for the detailed design works. It is essential that we perform a topographical survey, to enable us to understand the “nitty gritty” of what we are working with. We also decide what plants to take away and what to leave… we’ll also take some soil samples for testing. Our design team has now been instructed to get creative.


Design Plan

  • 3d models
  • Materials Specification
  • Construction drawings
  • Planting and irrigation plan
  • Lighting plan
  • Detailed quotation or tender

We’ve been designing gardens since 2003, now that we have your design underway our team will now be creating 3D renders and a detailed specification. It is at this stage you’ll be able to easily understand exactly how we understand your brief and fallen in love with your proposed new garden. Your specification will also contain plans for planting, irrigation, lighting, sound and heating. Construction drawings are essential to build an accurate and precise structure, it will also include all Structural Engineers requirements.

garden design and landscaping capabilities

Care and Maintenance?

We’ve designed it and now we’ve completed the build; we understand your garden better than anyone else.

To keep your new garden looking its best why not commission us to write your care package. The care maintenance plan is a document carefully prepared for your garden. It provides a well written specification to enable the maintenance contractor to provide a complete service. We would also be delighted to offer our services to maintain your garden to our high standards.

See how we can help you...

We adapt to the needs of every client, fluent in a combination of traditional techniques ensuring the hard landscaping works in harmony with the soft planting, garden art and style in your garden.