The Knightsbridge – London


This residence in the heart of Knightsbridge has a reputation for the ultimate in sophistication and excellence. The penthouse apartment is elegant and unmatched for luxurious living and demands an exterior that will stand its equal.

Over 25 tonnes of prime landscaping materials are designed, managed and constructed in a manner that deserves to be used on a project of this quality. Road closures in central London and cranes to the 10th floor were an essential part of the process.


Maximising the space on this multilevel terrace whilst keeping with a similar style to the client’s yacht. Entertainment spaces and the ultimate party room outside whilst keeping the spectacular views of the city open. A planting scheme for all year colour and foliage. Lighting but as if it weren’t there and plenty of garden style furniture.


The reflective sheer of the steel planters marries the soft, natural texture of the luxurious teak terrace. An exterior stereo system is hidden inside the planters, think night club… A clever lighting scheme highlights the age of the Olea Europaea and perimeter planting of Buxus Sempervirens and Phyllostachys Aurea with colour from seasonal flowers.

Teak is one of the finest timber materials one can use, the warmth of the colour and the perfection of the grain; this has helped Karl Harrison Landscapes make this terrace one of the finest in London.


Directed at times by the Architect and consideration of the building regulations meant a few extraordinary adjustments to the usual construction methods.

The raised structure was a modification of the existing raised platform; all in steel which houses the mechanisms for the buildings, air-conditioning and mains water systems. Many intricate designs worked around the roof structure. Glass and stainless made part of this platform with the decking manufactured in tray-like sections.

Planters were manufactured for the terrace, interlinked with cables for lighting and a sensible irrigation system. Hidden behind a number of doors in the planters were speakers, not ordinary exterior speakers… think nightclub.

Rooftop Planting

Illuminated vertically are the aged Olea Europaea and perimeter planting of Buxus Sempervirens and Phyllostachys Aurea with colour from seasonal flowers. The seasonal flowers are changed on a regular basis to demonstrate a tight maintenance schedule that insists on all year round colour.

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About Karl

Karl Harrison designs, builds and delivers high end residential and commercial landscaping projects.

He brings clarity to unusual situations, new materials and understands how to apply them with current technology. He is a professional Engineer and demands attention to detail that ensures impeccable results.

We absolutely love the space that Karl & his team created for us.

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