Telferscot School in SW12 London

SW12, London

Telferscot School in SW12 London

Designed by Karl Harrison to offer a 4Kn load and created in Use Code III treated, a sensible playground decking platform, storage and planters, simple lighting and easy access…

Flush finished lift out hatches for access to the water chambers beneath. The latches are small finger latches and something akin to the deck of a yacht; nevertheless are an essential to the ease of use when lifting out the hatches.

The “stramp” you say… This was our term for the elongated step arrangement to the left of the terrace. Manufactured in anti-slip decking with two lines of anti-slip material in the surface of the decking. The exterior edge of the risers are wrapped in anti-slip fibreglass edging. The idea of a ramp to conform to DDR regulations were directed to us in the form of this shallow sloping elongated step arrangement. In order to get to this height and using a ramp would have meant a ramp a mile long and not something the school wanted. The project director sanction it so it was designed in.

The planters were created inbox forms of Medite Tricoya Extreme. Further, these are warranted for 50 years in an untreated exterior environment and are our go-to choice for such a thing. Wrapped in the same decking material to act as cladding, filled with container soil and a sensible arrangement of planting.

School Deck Step Design

You may notice that some of the step arrangements were enormous; surely far too much for a school for young children? These are not designed as steps, they are for an exterior seating for outside teaching and for the children to watch their playground friends playing X-Factor or indeed the voice, (I don’t think Dancing on Ice would feature very often)

Mr Ralf Seager of BRM Associates said “What a lovely project, lets hope we can get this done quickly and as cost effectively as possible, its for the kids so lets keep it sensible”… He then went on to say that Karl Harrison Landscapes did provide the whole project much cheaper than the original main contractor.

The exterior storage areas were original cost effective simple shed cupboards, we thought it best to beef these up by cladding in the same decking materials and re-roofing… I’m sure they’ll last for just about ever.

Karl Harrison Landscapes loved this project, it was a larger than normal decking platform; it looked great and the use stainless fixings. Paired with quality timber and saturating in Owatrol decking oil. This will result in a School decking structure that is fit for purpose and will last a lifetime.

Credits and Further information

  • Materials – Use Code III treated redwood
  • Installed by – Karl Harrison Landscapes
  • Location – Telferscot Primary School, Balham, London
  • Project Director – BRM Associates
  • Main contractor – Karl Harrison Landscapes
  • Decking completed – 2016 with a further project in 2018

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