Strand Penthouse Terrace Decking


Strand Penthouse Terrace Decking. The best decking, the best decking oil, amazing Architecture and incredible illumination…

This property in the Strand, London, a building beautifully reinvented for the the 21st century, where the glamour of the Art Deco period scintillates with decadence. This apartment is its equal with 360-degree views high above this landmark area of London.


A newly refurbished mezzanine rooftop lounge for the penthouse required a wraparound decking terrace fit for a superyacht. An aged look is required, although new and completely unique, with delicate lighting and seating areas.

Terrace Garden Design

Complex curves at every corner and a lighting scheme to reflect the stars shimmering at night. Furthermore, prime teak is used to reflect the best quality timber as a bench reminiscent of a small yacht, bespoke in every way. This created a perfect exterior space to lounge under the custom made parasols. The pre-weathered finish was achieved with specialist oils created for the project. Also a simple arrangement of planters with an ever-changing show of foliage to suit the seasons with Trachylespurmum Jasminoides, the fragrance is divine.

Luxury Teak Decking

The internet is awash with hyperbole regarding decking, there should only really be one species of timber that stands up to the plaudits suggesting the best decking and that is TEAK.

Teak decking is a high grade of timber and has natural oils within the timber fibre which repel insects and prevent the timber from splitting and warping. In fact, Teak is the most stable timber material that’s suitable for decking.

Teak that fades to silver-grey is beautiful

There are projects where sometimes the client would prefer to pre age the teak to a grey, this way there is little to no weathering and on this project the client wanted the decking to be grey on day one. It was with the great assistance of Owatrol that this was achieved. This grey colour, is maintained every year and retained the quality of the terrace in terms of colour.

After 6 years the client that perhaps it would be preferable to change the colour back to the original colour of natural Teak. We needed to do a consultation to make sure we used the correct chemicals to treat the decking. The professionals at Owatrol were happy to oblige and assured us that their chemicals would do the job.

We removed the lights and applied a series of chemicals from Owatrol; the decking dried and then we applied a flood coat of the appropriate decking oil. This was to the decking, handrails and custom teak benches.

The exciting bits…

The bench was no ordinary bench… The glass panels at either end were to allow natural light through into the room below. Directly under the miniature light well, is a beautifully situated rock crystal shelf for the client’s artwork… Illuminated naturally of course.

The bench was custom in every way, with the quality of a teak yacht. Steamed at the curves with a custom backing rest. The bench has panelled lids with inlaid teak that followed the curves of the bench.

Hardwood structure

The decking structure was in every way a work of art, stainless fixings everywhere and a hardwood substructure in Iroko. The supports, installed over the lead-lined rood had custom made feet that worked with the lead.

Karl Harrison has been professionally designing decking structures and platforms since 2003.

This project was completed in 2015 and photos were taken in 2020.

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