Restoring and maintaining Ipe decking with Owatrol

Great Missenden
This garden was initially designed and built by another company several years ago. Since then, elements of the garden have weathered and stained; some rotted. The client found Karl, called him in to advise on how to revitalise everything, and make some additions to make way for a new pool cover.

Restoring and maintaining Ipe hardwood decking with Owatrol

There are several areas of Ipe decking here.  One of them, next to the pool, was fitted with little to no gaps in between the boards. As a result, there hasn’t been adequate airflow under the decking, and this has subsequently made the substructure go completely rotten. Fortunately, they could remove the ipe, replace the substructure, then refit the ipe decking. This will be fit to go for another 20+ years. As for the rest of the decking, all of it was looking either green or black. Owatrol has all the products needed to make this look brand new. Starting by using Prepdeck helps strip back all the built-up debris. This is then neutralized with Net-rol and thoroughly jet washed. The client decided that they’d like the decking to look a contemporary natural grey. Karl decided to make this grey by using Aquadecks ‘Old wood grey’ colour. rotten ipe hardwood decking They also used this same treatment process on the Iroko balustrade handrails, larch garden room, and cedar feature wall. This colour makes the timber look as if it has naturally weathered to this grey colour. Treating all the timber elements to look the same has certainly tied the space together and made it appear more contemporary.

Cleaning Natural Sandstone Paving

All the natural sandstone paving had developed black spots, mostly the result of lichen. They also received a copious amount of bird excrement and had gone quite green – especially under the trees at the back. Using strong chemicals to get all this built-up grime out of the pores of the sandstone. After cleaning the paving, the team then went ahead and sealed it. Sealing natural sandstone is a must in order to help prevent staining in the future and should be reapplied on a yearly basis. lichen on sandstone paving

Fixing a Feature Wall

This light-up western red cedar wall was supposed to make an impact, but with a poorly placed buddleia and incorrect lighting choice, all the light bulbs had failed. Karl remedied this by removing the lights and replacing them with suitable outdoor lighting. Further, the team modified the wall by making it shorter, allowing for more space to walk around the pool when the pool cover is fitted. wetsren red cedar feature wall Adjacent to this feature wall they also added an Ipe walkway to match the existing decking and again make more space for the pool cover.

Project Update – New Pool Cover Fitted

Since completing the maintenance and restoration works the client had a professional company come in to fit the new pool cover. glass and metal exterior pool cover

Credits and Further information

Location – Great Missenden Completed – 2021 Installation and Maintenance – Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd Materials – Country Supplies Decking Oil – Owatrol Client – Private
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