Residential Kebony Cladding Installation


When charred timber cladding is not preferred but the client wanted a similar material; We chose an enhanced grain timber finished with in a black stain. The planning committee agreed with this choice… the project had approval and the client placed the project in the hands of the team at Karl Harrison Landscapes.

Set in the heart of the forest, a collection of houses with no defined vernacular, all different and all striving for Architectural independence. This project a recently extended property where the house needed completing on the exterior.

How to choose the right cladding for your project

Sometimes charred timber is preferred; it looks great and adds a complex dimension to the surface of the timber. In some instances, it has to be something similar; in this case the client chose an enhanced and textured timber surface thats then stained in a matt black stain.

The timber is commercially manufactured and has a heavy brushed surface. Not achieved by hand and something for heavy duty machinery. The stain is our “go to” option from Owatrol; tried and test with exceptional results. Black cladding paint with a 15 year warranty against fading and peeling…

Sometimes cladding only required a stain or a light oil, sometimes a thick paint. In this instance as the cladding was Kebony it was essential for us to use the already established paint solution from Owatrol.

The screws used to secure the cladding was a trim head or finishing screw by Carpenters mate. The No7 is the best choice in 316 stainless. Most project by Karl Harrison Landscapes use these specialist fixings.

Cladding detail, the soffit and the fascia

The devil is always in the detail as they say… It is true for this project. After we clad the wall the client asked us to remove the soffits and fascias. These needed a design incorporating the same cladding. The soffit and fascia detail was in short lengths so it was essential for the lines to match exactly. The 4mm gap lined up perfectly though mitered corners joist which then followed through to the next cladding board.

We removed the plastic guttering with a view to refitting. Once we’d refined the design it detailed for a square edged gutter in powder coated finish. This gave the cladding more presence and without the ghastly plastic clip arrangement supporting the previous guttering.

The Garden Landscaping

There were walls in the garden which formed the retaining walls as you step up into the upper gardens. These required to be clad in the same Kebony as the main property. Granite coping stones were fitted accordingly, these matched the detail of the steps leading up to the front door, (something else we designed and built.) over thickness and custom fabricated for the job.

Vandemortel clay pavers create a stand alone terrace to the rear of the garden. A 6mm perimeter banding of galvanized steel in a custom colour to match the paving surrounds the platform.

An oak pergola stands guard over this terrace. Commanding in dimension and in 150 x150 mm is it a substantial structure.

Materials        Kebony with enhanced grain stained black

Completed      2019

Client               private

Location          Leatherhead

Design             Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd 


About Karl

Karl Harrison designs, builds and delivers high end residential and commercial landscaping projects.

He brings clarity to unusual situations, new materials and understands how to apply them with current technology. He is a professional Engineer and demands attention to detail that ensures impeccable results.

We absolutely love the space that Karl & his team created for us.

Mr & Mrs Oliver.

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