Garden Design and Landscaping Amersham


Garden Design and Landscaping Amersham. A substantial property with half an acre of garden. This Amersham garden needed a complete design for both the front and back gardens. A blank canvas, an exciting project.

Client Brief

Increase the usability of the garden

Bring colour to the front and rear garden

More planting in all locations

Garden clearance and unsightly material

Feasibility study for the whole garden plan

A compositing solution

Arboriculture advice

The client’s brief although sensible was also a blank sheet of paper… Not a blank cheque but a pragmatic approach with the feasibility study to see what could be achieved and for what budget.

Professional Garden Design and Landscaping Amersham

We started by using mass planting with many of the same species and new trees were key to getting plenty of colour in and around the garden. Additionally, The planting bed shapes were a great way to disrupt the large flat spaces and make the garden more exciting. Further, these new zones create a purpose of direction in the garden, it’s a more enjoyable place to walk around.

There were many existing plants, some quite substantial. They were re-sited and fitted perfectly into the new shape of the garden. 99% of these plants were reused; the expected losses of transplanted plants can be 40-50% or so, but in this case, there were very few casualties.

We creating zones in a new garden. Karl said “I love creating different zones in a garden, it adds to the dynamic of a space and gives these new areas of the garden a purpose.

Raised Millboard Decking and Bench

Forest Glen paving as stepping stones under an archway lead you away from the lawn into the oasis. A simple decking structure in a lounge-style, casual seating and an open space. This space is a necessary feature of the garden, it’s a place to sit at its centre surrounded by plants.

The seating arrangement is minimal and fits well in the scheme, subtle detailing is in the finish pattern of the decking. The dark brown of the millboard in the Antiqued colour, rich as it is stylish fits well in the scheme.

A Pergola like no other…

The seating area was to remain a semi-secluded area of the garden, it is a prominent feature now, but this will diminish as it sinks into the planting.  This zone is enclosed in a vertical statement, jet black and a feature in its own right. Furthermore, the spans of this giant were substantial and unachievable with solid timber… A bespoke black frame pergola is the star of this show.

This modern system is a problem solver, real timber wrapping aluminium… its sustainable, rot proof, fireproof, has a huge warranty and looks incredible. We designed this entire structure from first principals. The bespoke colour, new, even to the manufacturer, the dimension, the shape… all bespoke.

Also, to add to the semi seclusion, we needed some privacy from the adjacent garden, horizontal components spanning over 6 metres in length, clad like in their nature and manufactured in the same finish to match. These horizontals will provide a climbing frame for the Wisteria sinensis and Bignonia campsis × tagliabuana ‘Madame Galen’ these will also have lovely smelling flowers next year and many years to come.

All year colour, scent and texture… a garden full of plants

Preparation, planning and a solid planting plan, in brief over two thousand plants in the garden.

Designed in mass planting and in organically shaped arrangements, this garden will overflow with beautiful colours and incredible scent… Is it Spring yet?

A flavour of the trees and a taste of the flowering shrubs…

Acer – Bloodgood, Fireglow, Saccharinum for its rapid growth and palmatum ‘Sango-kaku’ (one of my favourites). 

Cercis candensis ‘Forest Pansy’

Cornus contraversa ‘Variegata’, ‘China Girl’, ‘Venus’ (Hybrid).

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Goliath’

Philadelphus ‘Belle Etoile’

Viburnum bodnantensa ‘Dawn’, Dentatum ‘Blue Muffin’ (350 Kgs plus), Opulus ‘Roseum’

Philadelphus ‘Manteau d’Hermine’

We also found weathered Limestone rocks from CED, nestled amongst the plants to give the ferns and Soleirolia soleirolii something textured to grow over time.

Judges Comments from The APL Awards 

“The large sweeping bed is spectacular with planting, and the planting either side of the door with interesting and nice combinations. The decking is extremely well constructed. The other borders are well planted, with swathes and blocks of varieties to provide impact in this vacuous space. A great transformation.” 

Credits and Further Information

Location – Amersham

Client – Private

Project – Large scale Garden Design and Landscaping

Completed – 2020

Materials Suppliers – CED, Country Supplies, Rochfords and Riverside.

Awards – The APL 2022 – Best in Show and Gold for 80 – 100k Category and Silver Merit for Soft Landscaping. 

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