Professional decking, Commonwealth Park


Professional decking Gibraltar, Commonwealth Park. A field of fresh grass, walkways, a lake with a water, bridges, decking bandstands and many other beautiful landscaped areas of what used to be a tarmac carpark. Gibraltar’s not noted for its sprawling roads for the discernable driver and is overwhelmed with far too many cars for such a small space. What better way to use a public space… greener, softer, usable and much more enjoyable. 

Near to 150 trees, established and resplendent in their beauty, ornamental grasses and companion planting in a Mediterranean style. Further, the park is dispersed with contemporary seating arrangements with a bandstand in matching timber.

The park has received ‘Best International Project’ award from Plant Magazine.

The position of the park is a welcome contrast to the surrounding buildings and more importantly the Kings Bastion walls; massive in their structure that dwarfs everything in site. One could study these magnificent walls and would soon realise an oasis-like space; a relaxing space which does provides nature’s tranquillity at its best on the island.

Commercial decking at its finest

When Mark Gregory from Landform Consultants approached Karl Harrison, he said that he wanted to really study what “Best” meant when describing decking. Furthermore, Karl presented a compelling argument for sustainability, durability and longevity which ultimately resulted in one outcome. A hardwood timber decking that would stand the usage of high foot traffic and not suffer the consequences. As well as keeping the maintenance easy if required, costed sensibly and have no visible fixings. This is my goto choice. Karl recommended Exterpark Plus in 35m thickness, has all of the above in heaps.

Karl said “When choosing Hardwood Decking for commercial usage you must consider the stability. If the timber moves then this increases the maintenance, in the case of this dimension Elondo then it doesn’t move a lot. Because of this you’ll find the maintenance is reduced considerably” 

Exterpark owned by is a brand with 45 years of history. Further, they’re used all over the world and are the champion of the innovative Magnet Decking brand. Hundreds of thousands of square metres of real hardwood and composite decking projects have been satisfied with these innovative products.

The Bandstand, raised proud of the surrounding water looks as impressive as its designer intended. In order to achieve the curve we machined the decking into radially cut pieces; Exterpark was able to do this and still incorporate the fixings system of the invisible stainless clips.

Credits and Further information

Client                                          Government of Gibraltar

Landscape Consultants        Landform Consultants

Landscape Architect              Nilufer Danis, Lotus Design Studio

Decking Structure                  Karl Harrison

Decking Installation               Karl Harrison Landscapes

Completed                                2014

Decking Material                     Exterpark plus Elondo 35mm

This project was completed in 2014 and photographed in 2014.

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We absolutely love the space that Karl & his team created for us.

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