Planting to make a shop front pop

Amersham and Beaconsfield

How to choose plants for a high street shop front

How to choose plants for a high street shop front. Choosing the right plants for a shop has to be in line with their brand, their message and they have to reflect what the shop is all about. Some plants are structural, some formal, some say Architectural, there’s colour, foliage, leaves, grasses and colour… You could argue over what is right for hours… Life is far too short so I’d get a garden designer to decide for you.

Since the grooming lounge opened I have been a regular visitor and have always been delighted with their services. I noticed once that they had some new empty planters outside of the shop. Simple, cheap and rather empty wooden planters. I couldn’t help but ask what their plans were. There wasn’t anything concrete and I offered my services to create a planting plan that would make the shop look good all year round. This was a small job (the smallest in fact) but I wanted to help a local business look its best… so I did just that.

How to stain raised planters

The planters themselves were constructed out of untreated grooved pine. Not my first choice but we had to make this work! The shop sign and interiors echo a dark, rich almost rustic look. I thought the planters would fit in a bit better if they closely matched this so I stained them.

Of course, I went straight to Owatrol and decided on using the Aqaudeks; which is a water-based oil; This still gives a natural look without it looking painted. It also has UV protection so the colour will stay and when it does eventually start to change it can easily be recreated if desired. If not it could be left to go grey. As always, we used Prep-dek and Net-trol products to prepare the timber properly before applying the Aquadeks. This preparation is crucial because this is what gives the products the best chance to last as long as possible.

What plants to use in a raised planter

Considering the nature of the business I had to be a little comedic and use grasses. Imagine that. The planting outside of shops told you what they did…

These pictures were taken in October 2020. The plants have had some months to establish and are growing well. They will pretty much stay like this now until spring when the Agapanthus reshoot with new leaves and bright blue flowers, same for the Heucheras, delicate flowers … flowers will also appear like a carpet on the Thymus and in abundance all over the Rosmarinus prostratus. The scented collection is completed with a Houttuynia, colourful leaves and a striking orange aroma. Ground covering plants add to the collection and complete the lower planting.

Grasses are a must be, we have to have hair in all shapes and sizes and this arrangement of Stipa and Carex’s in varying forms.

The owner said he loved the arrangement and was a definite, beards and crazy hair do’s for sure.

The best barbershop in Amersham 

The Ottoman Grooming Lounge is a Turkish barbershop located at the top of Amersham high street. Over the years, they have also expanded to neighbouring towns Gerrards Cross and Beaconsfield. We believe they offer the best service in Amersham as well as the best complimentary coffee. Even if you don’t require their services at least you can admire the planting while passing.

Beaconsfield Planting Update

We have since been invited to furnish their Beaconsfield shop front with similar planting; This has been completed so by all means go and have a look for yourself. It gives us great joy to be able to help brighten up the highstreets for everybody.

The plants for the shop

Agapanthus                             ‘White heaven’

Carex Oshimensis                   ‘Everest’

Carex commons                      ‘Milk Chocolate’

Heuchera                                  ‘Berry Smoothie’

Houttuynia cordata                 ‘Chameleon’

Rosemarinus officinalis          ‘Prostratus’

Tipa tenuissima                       ‘Pony tails’

Thymus Serpyllum                  ‘Elfin”

Vinca minor                              ‘Bowless Blue’

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Credits and Further Information

Client               The Ottoman Grooming Lounge

Location          Amersham

Completed      2020

Plants              Riverside Nurseries

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