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St Albans

Garden Planting Design and landscaping in St Albans. This project began in 2019 when the clients first engaged Karl for some planting advice. Their architect had designed their new home, which was under development, as well as their garden. They needed an expert horticultural guide to bring their new garden to life.

When should I have a planting plan?

If you’re going through a house renovations, it is always best to have an idea of costs before going ahead. In this instance, there was plenty of time to design a planting plan. From there alterations can be made as required and its from an exact plan an accurate quotation can be provided. It’s the 5 p’s… prior planning prevents pretty poor performance

When planting 700+ plants, it is quick transformation. The butterfly’s, bees and other wildlife that start to appear from nowhere. Getting to watch all this new ecosystem evolve is rewarding. Simply take a seat, sip a drink and relax whilst nature puts on a showcase of thousands of creatures playing with your new plants…

Karl said “My favourite plants in this project have got to be the Trachelospurmum Jasminoides, the scent of like a fragrance from the gods“

Plants used in this front and back garden

Choisya sp. ‘Aztec Pearl’

Euphorbia Amygdaloidea var robbiae

Hellebores Foetidus

Tiarella Wherryi and Cordifolia

Polystichum Polyblepherum

Hydrangea Macrophylla

Tachelospurnum Jasminoides

Stipa Tenuissima

Agapanthus Africanus

Planting a tree is like making a statement  

The client specifically asked that we have one standout plant in the front driveway. That being said this tree mustn’t be too intrusive onto the public walkway. We found a beautiful specimen Prunus sp ‘Accolade, at first it was accepted as a beautiful choice but soon we discussed that it was too predictable. The clients wanted something more graceful and more stylish. The Gladitsia Triacanthos Sunburst, is known for its abundance of bright and light feathery foliage. Its also known as The Golden Honey Locust tree. located in Hertfordshire at Majestic Trees Nursery. They are a specialist in growing quality trees. As they were so local we were able to visit to see the tree in person before making a final decision with the client.

It took our team 2 days start to finish to prepare the soil with 9 tonnes of appropriate compost and planting medium prior to the planting. Another two days and the clients were very happy with the finished result and are considering some more fruit trees in another area of their garden. We would love to revisit this project next spring to see how the gardens have grown. We will of course share the results with you.

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Credits and Further information

Client                                       Private

Location                                  St Albans

Completed                              2020

Design and Planting             Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Materials                                 Country Supplies

Plants Supplier                      Rochfords Nursery

Tree                                          Majestic Trees

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