Our Design Team

Since early 2003, our dedicated team have provided garden design in Amersham and to the Greater London area, the Home Counties such as Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, the south of France and Gibraltar.

Karl oversees all design and will be your point of contact. Karl has created a design of an RHS award winning garden at Hampton Court allowing him to display his vision of contemporary materials for landscaping. He is inspired by creative situations and loves to combine horticulture with unique and interesting materials.

Our Garden Design Process

Once we have had our initial discussion with you about your individual wants and needs, you will then have an idea of design cost and budget for the construction. You can also commission us to carry out a basic site survey and provide you with concept drawings including a mood board.

The initial site survey will check for existing topography, enabling for elevations to be considered and to allow us to take accurate site measurements.

The next step is the concept stage which allows us to establish your desired end result. The concept is then presented during a meeting in a portfolio style presentation and emailed to you.

Once your finial design is complete, you will then be given a detailed specification along with full construction drawings, materials list, planting plan along with water and lighting. The drawings are in 2D with iterations while the walk-through’s are in full rendered 3D to allow you to truly see what the end project will look like.

Finally, once your design is agreed upon in full architectural detail, the construction team will then gain access to all the information and can get to work on building your beautiful bespoke garden.


Architecture and Nature

At Karl Harrison Landscapes we are well versed in garden design for all matters concerning your exterior landscape. Gardens come in all shapes and sizes and we treat all of them with a biophilic respect that nature deserves. Gardens exist to stimulate the senses, we see them, we smell them and we can feel them

Probably the most overlooked element of the majority of properties, new build or old, city or countryside, large or small; the house usually comes first and the garden an afterthought.

We think the Garden is just as important

We think the garden is just as important, it’s part of your life that you get to look at every day, you wake up and open your curtains and it’s the first thing you see. When you return home from work it’s something you see before you walk into your house. The landscape you own is an intrinsic part of your life, possibly one you never really considered existed.


Looking Past the Paper Work

It’s easy to get carried away with a design that is opulent, lavish and avant-garde.

Designing to a defined cost and appreciating the balance of materials and budget is a skill in itself, and one that Karl is proud to have.

Garden design is indeed an art, not one of drawing beautiful gardens but one of the deep understanding of how the garden will work. It’s more than a patio or path, it is a complex combination of structure and horticulture, creating a symbiotic balance. Our team of designers use this art form when working with every client.


Garden Structure

Paths, patios and terracing, are all essential elements of the usable space in your garden. They have a function and they should all be in a usable form, whether straight-lined and geometric or curved and graceful. They need careful planning and correct construction.

We understand that the structure needs to work within the same language of the space it occupies and blend harmoniously with the soft landscaping. In part, the design may ask for the planting scheme to occupy the same space as the hard landscaping


Professional Planting Plan

A sensible statement for anyone considering a professional planting plan. We don’t think there is anything finer for your new garden; a sincere consideration for the right style, shape, colour, texture of planting for you. It can’t be the same for anyone else as no two gardens are the same.

It adds a certain romance and conjures a feeling of wellbeing for years to come, that the garden you are standing in was designed by us exclusively for you.

See how we can help you...

We adapt to the needs of every client, fluent in a combination of traditional techniques ensuring the hard landscaping works in harmony with the soft planting, garden art and style in your garden.