Making a mess into a Garden

High Wycombe

Making a mess into a Garden

It’s neither the first or last time Karl has encountered the mess that’s been left behind from the builders. In this instance, the client had recently gone through extensive renovation and extension works on their newly acquired property. They had extended into what was the rear garden which resulted in no garden space. The front  of the property was the only space to create a garden. At almost 3m higher than the adjacent road proved a more complex task than met the eye.

Client Brief

To create a garden in the front of the property. Privacy from adjacent properties and the roadside. A massive level lawn and lots of plants… and…

They knew they wanted to make as much space as flat and usable as possible. Obviously, a lot of groundwork is needed to contain the differences in elevations. Being so high up privacy will also need consideration. They ideally wanted a new lawn for the children to play on. A space for themselves to enjoy the new garden in private was also desired.

Garden Design

Karl began by conducting a full site survey including detailed topography. Once drawn out in 3D it’s much easier to consider what changes in elevation there is and what exactly needs to happen to make this mess into a garden. It’s essential that we fit all of their wants and needs into this front garden space. A front garden that had to act as a back garden too.

Retaining the front garden is the first priority and there are many ways this could be achieved; All varying in aesthetics and cost. Being budget-sensitive Karl chose to use a combination of rail sleepers and rolled steel. This can all be concreted into the ground and create a stepped front garden; this could then be filled with plants. At the top of this stepped arrangement, a bespoke privacy screen treated to match the colour of the sleepers works perfectly.

Managing a project in stages

From the get-go the client was transparent with their budget and what they wanted to achieve with it. This is a large space and a lot of groundwork is needed. Furthermore, groundwork is really the first work to be carried out and will consume a large portion of the budget.

It’s because of this Karl still gave a full garden design to the client. From here this can be split into stages. For example, in the designs, there are decking and paving areas. These have been left as usable spaces with Cotswold flat shingle for now. From here in 18 months, when the client is ready they can then proceed with the rest of their project.

When considering a large landscaping project, it is often easier to manage it by completing the project in stages. We were still able to carry out the vast majority of works including all the groundworks, new lawn, new fence, retaining walls, raised planters and privacy screening…

Credits and Further Information

Location – High Wycombe

Client – Private

Completed – 2021

Design and project management – Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Materials Supplier – Country Supplies

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