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Ickenham Landscape Garden Design

In a gated road in Ickenham a small space needed to be redesigned into a beautiful garden.

Tucked out of the way along a narrow path was the only access to this garden. Creatively designed and landscaped by hand, a new garden in the making.

A garden design brief

“We currently don’t have anywhere to sit and not a lot, if anything, to look at. The Garden room is perfectly placed and awkward to get to. We’d like flowers, somewhere to sit, a new patio and whatever else you think we may need.”

So, do you have a theme in mind, seen anything you like…

“Oh yes, we love the Ivy restaurant in Marlow… oh and we need some artificial grass for the dog.”

Perfect… I’m onnit, I’m excited, I have a great garden design brief….

A garden in need of professional landscaping

A small garden of no more than 55 sq. m with a slight change in elevation from top to bottom of approx. 300mm. A beautiful garden room tucked away to one side and a lawn with a few basic paving units at the top of the garden.

A new fence or two was easy, the rest a challenge. No lawn, as many plants as we dare, lighting, irrigation, and a simple stepping arrangement to take you to the lower deck seating area.

Choosing the perfect paving

The size of the upper terrace was small so we preferred to use a larger paving unit. This reduced the joint lines and offered a cleaner look. London Stone Harvest paving units, 25mm thick and 900mm by 600mm. Pointing was by Fugabella in the colour 24; a rich cream which works well with the paving. Choosing the right paving for the project contributed to the success of this Ickenham Landscape garden design.

floating natural paving terrace and steps

The steps worked in multiples of the same paving with the exception of two of the steps. This is where the client insisted on Namgrass Artificial lawn…

Dressing the garden

A local supplier had some simple terracotta planters for the lollipop Ligustrum jonandrum topiary. The stone urn pedestal and 800mm low slip glazed bowl were essential elements of the planting arrangement. Their colours worked perfectly, considering the brief… a play on greens.

In the garden, the large planters are 1250mm x 1000mm and 1000mm x 1000mm both at 600mm high. Powder-coated to match the custom pergola arrangement.

Custom garden art… a curved pergola

The inspiration for this piece was directly from nature itself. The twisting, turning and random curving stems of a climbing rose, minus the thorns of course. Manufactured from steel and formed to reflect the wild nature of a climbing rose. Coloured to work with the light green scheme in the garden…

Karl said, “Being let loose to actually design is what I love. The fabricator thought I was mad when I manufactured the former to bend the steel bars. The pergola works exactly as I had envisaged.”

The pergola was wrapped in 3m high Trachelospermum jasminoides; one large plant for each leg.

Garden additions

Irrigation for all plants; containers too. It’s a simple battery-operated device and controls the water distributed to the plants as required. The lighting is by small led spike lights, aluminium and coated in black.

Planting a small garden

Careful and considered. Large and small, with a specimen shrub and plenty of climbers. The predominant colours are white and purple with a splash of yellow.

Plants list

Agapanthus Headbourne Hybrids

Brunnera macrophylla ’Jack Frost’

Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima’

Cornus kousa ‘Chinensis’

Echinacea purpurea ‘White Swan’

Huechera ‘Forever Purple’

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’

Ligustrum jonandrum

Lonicera japonica ‘Red World’

Rudbeckia filgida ‘Goldsturm’

Trachelospermum jasminoides

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