When to use Kebony Radiata Magnet decking


Decking to the unsuspecting may be the simplest or the most complicated decision for their garden project but when asking the right person, the choices are narrowed down to a simple choice. In this case durability, aesthetics and sustainability were the main driving factor which made the final decision quite simple. Furthermore, Kebony® decking was the choice and Karl Harrison advised the client why it was the perfect solution.

The reasons why Kebony decking is a good choice

  • Sustainability
  • Environmental suitability
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Patination colour after weathering


Kebony ranks very highly when it comes to sustainability; Kebony hardwood decking is FSC® certified. The Forest Stewardship Council® strive to enhance forestry management all over the world, it does this through certification.

Environmental suitability

Kebony wood does not harm the environment. It’s actually good for it, using recycled bioproducts. Kebony can be worked with as normal, untreated wood.

Kebony timber products are Swan Eco-labelled. The Swan is the official Nordic Eco-label managed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Further, the Swan logo showcases a product is a good environmental choice


Durability Class rating (EN 350). All Kebony Clear timber types have a durability class rating of one, which is the best that timber can be. It does compare to very hard tropical woods but without the shortcoming of the environment.


Kebony Clear timber products report a Brinell hardness (N/mm2, EN 1534) of 59 to 41, furthermore, many other timber timbers used for the same purpose have a hardness of up to half of this… The performance of Kebony is incredible.

Patination after weathering

Kebony clear shows high-class properties and looks beautiful. The Clear grade is charming and smooth with a rich brown colour; This will change to a silver-grey patina over time.

The silver greying will happen over a few months to a year. If the decking has been coloured with decking oil this will change the time period for the weathering.

weathered kebony decking grey

Kebony Decking Installation

Led by Karl Harrison from Karl Harrison Landscapes, who has been designing and building decking terraces since 2003. The decking had to have no screws visible; because of this Karl Harrison Landscapes decided to use the Exterpark Plus system for this decking structure. Exterpark owned by Yvyra has a patented profile of stainless omega clips to secure the deck into place; this shows as an invisible fixing. This decking platform terrace is tasteful, modern and matches the quality of the rest of the landscaping scheme.

Karl said “I prefer Carpenters Mate, the No 7 Trim head finishing screw is perfect.”

Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd has been using Owatrol since 2003; it works well but for this project, we used Owatrol Deks Olje D1 which does provide a solid start for the rest of the deck’s life.

Credits and Further information

Completed                   2019

Client                            Private

Decking Material       Kebony® Magnet

Supplier                       Brooks Timber 

Designer                      Karl Harrison

Landscaper                 Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

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