Offset, obscure and creative garden design High Wycombe

High Wycombe

Designing and landscaping a small garden in High Wycombe

A Creative garden design High Wycombe. Small gardens are exciting to design, they are even better to landscape, affordable and can be created in a short space of time.

Multiple spaces with multiple functions were main requirements that the client wanted to use their new garden for. Karl thought it would be best to divide this small space into multiple rooms to make the most of the area. The wish list included a hot tub, lawn, decking, paving, planting and a new shed. Oh, and a natural water feature…

Creative garden design High Wycombe

The client chose Millboard composite decking because they loved the natural texture and the maintenance free nature. Millboard is has a high anti-slip factor in the wet and so made for the perfect solution. Stepping in and out of the hot tub onto decking, it has to be non-slip and something that wont rot. The clients have children, so making sure these areas are safe is vital to the success of the garden.

Porcelain paved dining area

A BBQ area was high on the priority list in this garden. Keeping this space, separate from the hot tub and relaxing area made good sense. A step down onto porcelain paving; this material is also low maintenance and anti-slip. This space is also close to the client’s kitchen which enhances the functionality of the BBQ use.

Changing the lighting for contemporary fittings

This garden is designed for night time too… the lighting in the garden is important. With so many beautiful features to highlight like the water feature, hot tub and plants; We used a range of lights hidden as well as mounted to the house exterior. This makes for great lighting at night when entertaining as well as safe because of the changes of levels in the space. The lighting on the house had to be contemporary and stylish. These fittings offer a minimal lighting which is enough to add a romantic feel in the garden.

Planning for your garden plants

When gardens, like this one, begin with a design they result in a well thought out garden.

With a simple timer, the client doesn’t have to worry about watering their plants throughout the year.

Whilst the planting is deliberate and condensed, it does complete the brief. It’s not a tropical oasis, it’s a functioning garden with well-placed planting. Colour for most of the year, fragrance and form. There are many textures that contrast with the colours in this scheme that changes in all seasons of the year.

Betula Utalis Jaquemontii, multi-stemmed Himalayan birch – a brilliant white stemmed tree.

Prunus Serrula, Tibetan Cherry- known for its shimmering and peeling red bark.

Fatsia Japonica and Griselinia Littoralis

Asplenium Scolopendrium and Polystichum Polyblepharum…

Camelia, an outstanding white Japonica green leaved shrub, the beautiful ‘Sea Foam’

Karl Said “A well formed garden, I am so happy that the client trusted our design and ability to create so much in such a small space.”

Credits and Further Information

Designed and installed        Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Completed                              2020

Materials                                Country Supplies

Plants                                      Riverside Trade Nurseries

Location                                  High Wycombe

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