The Tropic of Bushey, Concept Garden Design


The Tropic of Bushey

Garden Design in Bushey, Watford. Designing a garden, designing for a budget or designing for a client. They are both equally important attributes when considering a new garden project. From the initial meeting and client brief comes a careful balance. This set of scales is a complex task when trying to reach equilibrium… the client wants… the client needs… the clients budget is… ££££ or £

In any case, a concept is the first part of the presentation, what seems like a simple set of sketches has a budget in mind.

Stage one concept garden design

Once a site meeting has taken place and the designer and client are happy to progress, the first stage can get underway. A basic site survey has to take place, measurements, elevations and plenty of photos then back to the office for discussion and consideration. After several hours and some times days of preparing the layout plan ideas, 3d sketches and the mood boards, we are ready for the second stage.

Initial site survey

We need a basic site inspection so see the garden

Layout plan ideas

The plan format of the concept designs of the garden

3d sketches

Simple 3d sketches which show you more detail

Mood board

This is the collection of proposed materials

Stage two garden drawings and budgets

As we now have a sensible direction, we have the concept and an idea of some materials, we need to refine this to an exact detail. Budgets for this are very important, there is little point designing with materials that the client wants but doesn’t have the budget for. It no different from an Architect asking the same question…

Once the budget has been agreed the designer can set to providing scale drawings for the refined concept, provide the mood board for the planting scheme and detail materials.

Basic budget consideration

Do you have a budget? We need one…

Scale drawings

Elevations, plans and 3d, this includes additional detail

Planting Mood Board

A basic planting concept, we consider many schemes

Materials detailing

The exact detail of material and how they will look

Stage three Design fees, analysis and refinement

You now know the full cost of the design works. Research, more site surveys, materials samples. We will have also met with our Structural Engineer or sought local bylaws and planing regulation if necessary. There are hours of work going on behind the scenes. All of this information is carefully documented and adds to the essential ingredients needed to complete the design works.

Agree fee proposal We sign off on design fees

Detailed briefing We prepare a detailed client brief

Preparation for design work We formally organise our design team

Structural Engineering – A professional provides these calculations

Planning permission – We’ll look after this

Comprehensive site analysis – More site visits

Boundaries, soil, existing planting – All detail we take is important

Topographical survey – Without this we can’t design…

Stage four, the complete presentation

Smiles all around and excitement. The part everyone enjoys, the colourful presentations, the exact plans, 3d’s and a comprehensive planting plan. Every element accounted for so lets get building.

3d models

These enable an easy understanding of the whole garden design

Materials Specification

The list of exact materials to be used

Construction drawings

Incredible detail so no mistakes are made

Planting and irrigation plan

Essential detail

Lighting plan

Even more detail

Detailed quotation or tender

Your total cost

Stage Five caring for your garden

Your garden is now complete, why not have a professional company look after it.

Exclusive care package

Let us protect your investment

Garden maintenance manual

Let us create a bespoke garden manual for you

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