Garden design and planting in Chalfont St Peter

Chalfont St Peter

Garden design and planting in Chalfont St Peter

This project began in 2022 when the clients first engaged Karl for some plantings advise. A newly purchased property with a rotter of a space that very much needed transforming into a garden. They needed an expert horticultural guide to for they should use to bring their new garden to life.

The garden design brief

A garden office to take centre stage to the rear of the garden surrounded by plants, and a path to get us there. Irrigation to protect our investment in the planting and lighting. The existing patio, paving and walls were to remain. A jolly good clean and a new colour scheme for the walls made the space much brighter.

Plants make for a beautiful garden

Can a garden be a garden without plants… surely not. The project had just over 100 sq m of new planting areas which required 681 new plants. It also has one tree, a few shrubs, grasses and plenty of colour. The tree was a small Betula utilis jacquemontii as a multistem.

The local ecology and biodiversity wins

We removed a huge amount of waste from the garden, it reduced the usable space and looked unsightly. We imported 20 tonnes of new soil and created a 100 sq m sweeping lawn too. This coupled with the wide variety of plants really did gave back to the environment. Within an instant the bees and pollinators started enjoying the garden.

Karl said “My favourite plants in this project have got to be the plants that flow over the walls. These have to be the Calibrachoa, Convolvulus and Rosmarinus Prostratus

Plants used in this garden

Agapanthus                             Alchemilla

Aquilegia                                 Asters

Betula Utilis                            Calamagrostis

Calibrachoa                             Carex Morrowii

Convolvulus                            Corn flowers

Cornus Elegantissima              Cornus Kousa

Delphiniums                            Echinacea

Erigeron                                  Ferns

Gaura                                      Hakonechloa

Hellebore                                Heuchera

Hosta                                       Hydrangea Arboresens Annabelle

Iris                                             Nerine

Pachysandra terminalis          Perovskia

Philadelphus                           Grass Red baron

Rosmarinus                             Rosmarinus Prostratus

Sarcococca                              Sedum

Tiarella                                    Verbena Bonairiensis

Verbena Lollipops                   Viburnum Davidii

Vinca minora

Creating a sweeping path

The art in creating a design is always easier said than done. The elevations made for an awkward project as nothing was level. We love curves, especially in lawns and paths, once we had our eyes in, it was nothing we hadn’t done before.

Client                                       Private

Location                                  Chalfont St Peter

Completed                              2023

Design and Planting                Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Soft Landscaping Materials    Country Supplies

Clay Paving                               London Stone

Plants Supplier                        Babylon Plants



About Karl

Karl Harrison designs, builds and delivers high end residential and commercial landscaping projects.

He brings clarity to unusual situations, new materials and understands how to apply them with current technology. He is a professional Engineer and demands attention to detail that ensures impeccable results.

We absolutely love the space that Karl & his team created for us.

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