Composite Decking Installation Beaconsfield


Choosing the correct decking for your project…

Millboard chosen in a private garden in Beaconsfield. It was the winning composite deck due to the colour, texture and overall quality.

A symmetrical design, minimal planting and a sensible sized terrace in porcelain supporting a central decking platform. A lovely garden with a difference caused us to meet these clients a couple of years after they’d had their garden fully landscaped.

Composite decking installation Beaconsfield

The composite decking that had been installed a year prior had bent, warped, discoloured and started falling apart in places. This wasn’t our work but we were called in by the PGCA to consult on the decking and help rectify the situation.

Karl promptly visited the project to inspect the existing decking and provided the consultation. The existing decking wasn’t fit for purpose; a poor installation of using direct fixings instead of the manufacturers specialist side clips led to a failure. The decking had filled with water and didn’t smell too good. It was unstable and a health and safety risk. In the space of two years too.

TOP decking TIP

It is important to make sure your installer is a professional, by having the recommendation from the manufacturer should be the first indicator of professionalism.

We recommended some different composite decking materials to replace the existing decking. All of these would come with warranties; provided a approved professional did the installation. The clients chose Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak which fitted perfectly in the contemporary surroundings. We are approved installers of Millboard decking and have installed Millboard since first production 15 years ago. By using us to install your Millboard decking can you get a 25-year lifetime warranty.

This project start to finish took 4 days, this includes removing and safely disposing of the old decking. The clients were very happy with their new decking in that they knew would look good for a very long time.

Lights in Millboard Decking  

The client had their own electrician and wanted some lights in their decking. To keep this easy and safe we routed in some finger latch lift out latches. The same latch you would see on the deck of a yacht. This provides easy access underneath the decking in a matter of seconds.

We fitted the sides of the decking boards in such a way that they we could route them to take a flush fitted aluminium strip. This strip formed the housing for the LED lighting which had a diffuser that clipped in place… You couldn’t see the actual lighting strip but you could see the effect of the 2600 r warm white lighting. The planters had Collingwood 1 watt up lighters fitted flush with the decking.

Professional decking installation

Should you want to know what’s hot and what’s not, what composite decking you have available… do you need a decking designed… contact Karl… he’s been doing it 17 years and recommended by a number of decking manufacturers for design and installation.

Credits and Further Information

Location                     Beaconsfield

Completed                 2020

Materials                     Country Supplies

Installation                 Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

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