Cladding Design Trends 2021


Client Brief

Cladding design trends 2021. The clients had chosen to have a substantial extension at the front of their home. This extension would create a new gable end to match the existing; It brought about balance and a symmetry to the property.

One of the key goals, they wanted their home to stand out from the rest. Initially, they came across charred timber cladding and thought that this would suit their wants. However, Karl brought some new and never before used textures to the design table. “Just because it’s black does not mean it has to be charred, so let use something truly unique”. After seeing some samples the clients were thoroughly on board with Karl’s ideas.

Why did you use this type of cladding?

This cladding is incredibly contemporary and offers a texture like no other. This fit in with exactly what the client wanted in terms of not only aesthetics. The Accoya cladding is also warrantied for 50 years (above the ground). In addition, the factory applied Sansin coating carries a warranty of 10 years too.

Black cladding is on-trend at the moment, why this cladding and not charred timber?

I have seen many projects using charred timber cladding and I think that is great. Considering this, I think everyone is using charred cladding at the moment. When I’m commissioned to design, I will always try to find materials that are not sat on a shelf and customised in one way or another.

What are the technical attributes of the product?

This is real timber cladding it has just been modified. It’s called Accoya® and essentially, it’s radiata pine from New Zealand which has been acetylated. This pickling process is what makes this cladding warrantied for 50 years. It’s from here that the Sansin coating is factory applied in the UK. The coating is warrantied for 10 years.

What cladding profile did you use?

There are endless shapes and sizes cladding can come in. Keeping in mind the client wanted minimal. This leads us to use a classic TG&V profile 146x19mm. This simply slots together allowing us to hide the Carpenters Mate stainless steel fixings.

Why have you used metal flashings?  

I chose to use anodised aluminium powder coated in a contrasting colour to the bronze style window frames. Set approximately 300mm deep in the ground secured with haunches of concrete on either side. I used this to create a defined planter with the intention to disrupt the black cladding with textured planting.

What is the planting scheme?

I chose Pachysandra Terminalis, this is a Japanese spurge that will give good ground cover supporting the grasses and lots of small white flowers. I paired this with Stipa tenuissima which will give us that organic free flowing contrast to the cladding. On the right side of the property, there is a change in window elevation. Because of this, I chose to use Calamagrostis which is another grass that will grow much higher compared to the Stipa tenuissima.

Bespoke steps with LED’s

I designed and constructed the steps leading you to the front door. We had the stone routed onsite allowing the insertion of the aluminium extrusion to house the led’s. The illumination is the 2800R warm white provides a soft glow rather than an imposing bright light. These steps were made by Rock Unique and it was a joy to work with them.

Credits and Further information

Design and Installation – Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Completed – 2020

Location – Leatherhead

Materials – Lathams Ltd, Accoya®, Sansin, OSC.

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