Charred Timber garden rooms in London

London, NW6

Charred Timber garden rooms in London

A creative Architect, an exciting garden and a charred timber garden room in London.

Michaelis Boyd Architects were thinking well outside the box for this garden room. Their clients wanted a one of a kind studio situated within their garden. The space would be used for gym workouts and a home office. Karl was eager to help bring this project to life with handcrafted charred timber cladding.

Designing a Garden room

When designing a garden room, for most it’s a rectilinear and straightforward affair. This garden had a tree, right in the middle of the perfect garden room location. The Architect created a wrap around pair of rooms conjoined around the tree. Angles, obscure doors and wrap around windows.

Charred Timber Cladding Design

Karl has witnessed the revolution of charred clad for almost 2 decades. With this experience, he is able to advise on what is unique and hasn’t been done before. The Architect wanted to create a natural texture. Charred Siberian larch brings that aesthetic but Karl wanted to further this visual texture. This timber has a modified profile that adds a 5mm shadow gap to the façade which expresses the gap. This allows each section of timber to have its own space and individuality.

Stainless steel fixings with black tip heads to merge the difference in material. These are still visible but don’t create such a visible impact when compared to shiny screws.

You will notice a lot of thought has gone into the layout of this charred larch cladding. The board size was specific for this project so once installed each window starts and finishes with a whole board. Likewise, above and below the windows the cladding all lines up. The devil is in the detail and was important to get this right.

Karl Harrison

When allowed, he creates the unique and inspires. He has a vision to understand your project … he likes plants too.

Credits and Further information

Completed – 2020

Architect – Michaelis Boyd

Client – Private

Location – London, NW6

Charred Cladding Manufacturing and Installation – Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

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