A curved garden design and landscaping


A curved garden design and landscaping in Harrow. The garden design brief is somewhat difficult to obtain when the client wants a new garden but doesn’t really know what they want.  Working with your own personal garden design can and should be an exciting journey. It is plenty of pacing, “what about this” style questions with plenty of vigorous gesticulating wildly… The garden designer will then form their own brief from the initial meeting.

Passion, pride and years of experience are placed in front of the client, naked as the day you were born, standing their expectantly and waiting for the client to say “yes, I quite like that idea”

The garden design brief was born, the garden awkwardly sloping and dog legging to one side… an existing garden office standing proud amongst overgrown wilderness and a rickety fence.

Landscaping a curved garden

48 tonnes were removed, mainly soaking wet clay and a wheel barrow journey of over 100 metres to the grab lorry area; that took some stamina. A challenge taken up by the landscapers at Karl Harrison Landscapes and eaten up in their stride.

The new fence, a simple and standard affair, larch panels stained brown. The fence style was also governed by the locality and want from the neighbours.

The retaining work and tonnes of concrete to support the concrete foundation for the Caesar Ceramic paving from London Stone.

Custom made 3mm galvanised and powder coated 7016 steel by Millright Engineering to form the sweeping curves across the garden, the standard steel edging was from Core edging.

MOT type 3 supported the SUDS base for the open structured tarmac and finally the covering of the resin bound walkway.

We created concrete forms to add structure to the soft landscaping inside the curves of the path. The curved bench arrangement, formed in blockwork and rendered in Monorex – ash grey.

This led to the garden office surrounded by the Ecodek composite decking completed the hard landscaping.

Aggregates, soft and general landscaping materials are from Country Supplies based in Hughenden, High Wycombe.

Essential drainage for landscaping a garden

The North facing dimension of the garden coupled with a change in elevation over 1 metre resulted in quite a gathering of water. Further, slotted drains were essential to evacuate the water locally, sensible situated at depth with 10mm shingle to surround. The gathered the water comfortable without impacting the water requirements of the planting.

The central garden feature

The client also wanted a central focal point in this scheme. It was to have seating and a fire bowl. Sweeping in its design, stylish and smooth in its construction, is a seating area. Brutal in its concrete structure, essential as part of the brief and the client loved it. The client plans to design their own fire bowl to add later.

The horticulture, the soil and the soft landscaping

8 cubic metres of new soil and more in compost from……. This is essential for the abundance of new planting in this garden landscape. Further, the planting medium was carefully chosen to balance the existing soil type and work with the type of planting.

There were very little plants from the existing garden retained. The planting design was brought about by the clients want for reduced maintenance and to have a carpet of green for most of the year.

Soleirolia Soleirolii forms a blanket of tiny leaves, this in between the concrete forms. White is the key here in many forms, sharp grasses in streaks of white,Carex morrowii “Ice Dance”… Hebe rakaiensis with the spikes of brilliant white…Libertia grandiflora grass with the same white theme. The ferns of Polystichumand Asplenium scolopendrin… Aemonies and digitalis… all white of course

Decking – EcoDek

Plants – Rochfords nursery

Larger steel edging – Millwright engineering

Core – Landscaping Edging

Bench Render – Manorex

Resin Path – Resin bonded aggregates

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About Karl

Karl Harrison designs, builds and delivers high end residential and commercial landscaping projects.

He brings clarity to unusual situations, new materials and understands how to apply them with current technology. He is a professional Engineer and demands attention to detail that ensures impeccable results.

We absolutely love the space that Karl & his team created for us.

Mr & Mrs Oliver.

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